Welcome to the CDoCUK training resource for students

This resource is about the care of patients in a vegetative state (VS) or minimally conscious state (MCS) following severe brain injury. It has been made for Health Care Professional students.

The resource covers diagnosis, clinical assessment, allied health professional interventions, family experience and AHP-family relations, the impact of the media, the Mental Capacity Act 2005, best interests, complex ethical dilemmas and end of life decisions.

The module involves a combination of factual information, interactive tasks, self-assessment tests and reflective exercises. You will have the opportunity to see/hear short clips from filmed interviews with AHPs, researchers and family members of patients in VS/MCS. Other learning materials include art, poetry and shadow puppetry!

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiography and Operating Practice Department Students at Cardiff University have engaged with this resource as part of their interprofessional education since 2016 and have helped to co-produce elements of the resource.

To enter the resource go to the ‘Members Area’ page and type in the password given to you by your lecturers